Top 3 Places to Catch the Big Races
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Everyone in the Tri-Cities of Washington enjoys a good race but sometimes it’s not just the race we remember but where we were and what we were doing at the time. Below are just a few of the best places in Washington where you can enjoy a good race:

1.) In Your Living Room – people in the Tri-Cities can enjoy racing coverage from a variety of providers. Even NASCAR coverage with Direct TV Washington service. Sometimes the best place to enjoy these white-knuckle thrill rides is in the comfort of your own living room surrounded by friends and family.

2.) Jacksons Restaurant Richland – public settings can be perfect for amping up the moment and when it comes to viewing the best racing coverage in public you want one of the best bars in Washington – you want Jacksons. There’s really nothing like seeing a game in public; fellow patrons and fans roaring and cheering all around you.

3.) On Your Computer – as technology continues to evolve, there are more ways than ever to get connected with the information and events that matter to you most. You can even stream live coverage of some of the big races.

Sometimes where you watch a race can make all the difference in how you enjoy it.

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