Who To Watch For In 2012 Nascar Events
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Although many NASCAR fans would love to see new faces dominating Victory Lane, it will be the veteran drivers who are poised to win the most races in the 2012 season.
Kyle Busch, the most aggressive driver in the circuit, has over one-hundred NASCAR wins and steadily continues to add more trophies to his collection. Busch is the youngest driver ever reach this milestone, and his bold racing technique is a sure bet for wins in the 2012 season.
A pair of Hendrick Motorsports drivers looking to snag more NASCAR Championship titles is Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon. Jimmie Johnson has five consecutive championships and is currently the only driver to ever accomplish such an impressive record. Jeff Gordon is a four-time Cup Series champion, and is currently the winning-est active driver. Both of these drivers have mature driving ability and experience that only comes with many years of racing.
Kevin Harvick, a consistent and methodical driver for Richard Childress Racing, continues to unexpectedly snatch victories in the last laps of a race and has earned his nickname as “The Closer”. Harvick is currently on the verge of championship contention and has positive potential for wins in the 2012 season.

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