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How To Drive Like The Best Circuit Racers Today.

In order to drive like the pros, you have to train like the pros. Circuit race car drivers put in countless hours on the track, day in and day out, when they are in season. Even off season, they will practice 3 or 4 days a week, just to keep on top of their performance. [...]

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Where Do The Best Known Racers Train For Races?

For big name racers preparing for a big upcoming race in either nascar or circuit series racing, there are several different tracks, in their home cities, for them to practice for an upcoming race. Depending on what the upcoming race and the track conditions are going to be like, will have an effect upon where [...]

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Choosing The Best Bars to Watch A Race With Friends

You may be the most well versed racing expert in your circle of friends, and you may have an extensive knowledge of the latest courses and competitions, but you can’t find a great bar to watch races in, you will be missing out a key part of the racing experience! Read these tips to help [...]

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Who To Watch For In 2012 Nascar Events

Although many NASCAR fans would love to see new faces dominating Victory Lane, it will be the veteran drivers who are poised to win the most races in the 2012 season. Kyle Busch, the most aggressive driver in the circuit, has over one-hundred NASCAR wins and steadily continues to add more trophies to his collection. [...]

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